Web-Based Data Management and Monitoring System for Sleep Apnea Evaluation in the Home

Sep 9, 2012

Paul Venizelos, M.D. ,1 Siarhei Ramaniuk,1 Theodore Bellezza, RPSGT,2 Sarah Weimer, BME,2 Joseph Lamont, RPSGT,2 Michael Papsidero, M.D., FACS2 and Hani Kayyali, MS, MBA2


Study Objective: to assess the feasibility and accuracy of a web-based home sleep testing (HST) system for sleep apnea evaluation in the home.


Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) affects more than 40 million patients with serious health and economic costs. Overcrowded sleep labs, patient resistance to sleep outside of their homes, and long-term disease management emphasize the need for a simple and cost effective solution for home sleep assessment.


The technology consists of a web portal (e-Crystal PSG) that allows users such as administrators, registered technologists and interpreting physicians to schedule studies, upload monitor data from any PC, and access raw data for scoring and interpretation irrespective of their physical location. Workflow is further streamlined via email notifications alerting users of the various stages of study progress: scheduled, device programmed, data uploaded, scored, interpreted, and finalized. The web portal interfaces to a seven (7) channel HST monitor (SleepView) that follows AASM channel set guidelines. To assess feasibility, the system was tested on 6 patients at a local sleep center; each patient underwent two (2) studies: in-lab full PSG on the first night followed by at-home SleepView study. The following day, the patient returned the equipment. Data from the SleepView and morning questionnaire were uploaded to the web portal, scored by a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT), interpreted and electronically signed by a sleep physician.