US Patent No. 11,432,724 – Wireless data acquisition system with novel features

Sep 6, 2022

The present invention provides for a data acquisition system for EEG and other physiological conditions , preferably wireless , and method of using such system . The wireless EEG system can be used in a number of applications including both studies and clinical work . These include both clinical and research sleep studies , alertness studies , emergency brain monitoring , and any other tests or studies where a subject’s or patient’s EEG reading is required or helpful. This system includes a number of features , which enhance this system over other systems presently in the marketplace. These features include but are not limited to the having multiple channels for looking at a number of physiological features of the subject or patient , a built in accelerometer for looking at a subject’s or patient’s body motion , a removable memory for data buffering and storage , capability of operating below 2.0 GHz , which among other things allows for more channels , movement artifact correction including video , pressure sensors capable of measuring or determining airflow , tidal volume and ventilation rate , and capability of manual and automatic RF sweep.