US Patent No. 10,543,328 – Integrated Diagnostic and Therapeutic System and Method for Improving Treatment of Subject with Complex and Central Sleep Apnea

Jan 28, 2020

The present invention relates to an integrated sleep diagnosis and treatment device, and more particularly to an integrated apnea diagnosis and treatment device. The present invention additionally relates to methods of sleep diagnosis and treat­ment. The sleep disorder treatment system of the present invention can use a diagnosis device to perform various forms of analysis to determine or diagnose a subject’s sleeping disorder or symptoms of a subject’s sleep disorder, and using this analysis or diagnosis can with or in some embodiments without human intervention treat the subject either physically or chemically to improve the sleeping disorder or the symptoms of the sleeping disorder. The diagnostic part of the system can use many different types of sensors and methods for diagnosing the severity of the symptoms of or the sleep disorder itself. The treatment part of the system can use a device to physically or chemically treat the subject’s symptoms or sleep disorder itself.