SleepView® Monitor

Sleep Apnea and Home Sleep Testing

Sleep Apnea and Home Sleep Testing

Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea are at a significantly higher risk for developing hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and sudden death.

Home sleep testing allows patients to be tested with ease in their own homes.

What is SleepView?

SleepView is a small and light weight home sleep testing monitor meeting AASM recommended guidelines. The 8 – channel SleepView is ergonomically designed for patients to perform an easy home sleep test.

SleepView® Monitor

Type III, 8 Channels

  • SleepView exceeds AASM guidelines
  • SleepView scores high on SCOPER
  • Significant cost savings when compared with PSG
  • Meets Type IV Device Requirements

Clinically Validated

Based on clinical studies conducted in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, regional sleep labs, and primary care offices:

  • SleepView offers high clinical benefit and
    improved access to patients
  • Continuum of care for your patients

Easy to Use

Ergonomically designed for patient to self-administer sleep test

    Small & Light Weight

    Home sleep monitor with AASM recommended channel set

    • Generates established AHI
    • Airflow by cannula and thermistor

    Programmable On/Off Time

    Automatic start of device simplifies patient responsibility

    Sensor Check

    Acquire good data with Sensor Check to ensure proper data collection during testing

    Smart Check

    Save time with Smart Check, which validates the quality of the recorded sleep study before the SleepView monitor is returned to the provider

    Cloud Software

    • File management and online access of data
    • Actigraphy based sleep/wake analysis
    • Automated respiratory event scoring
    • Centralized management of patient sleep studies and reports stored in a HIPAA compliant and secure database
    • Complimentary software upgrades and support for SleepView Web Portal

    Optional Accessories


    Cannula Port

    Monitor CPAP Treatment

    Collect airflow data from patients while on CPAP (pressure settings up to 20 cm H2O).

    CPAP Connector


    Auxiliary Port

    There are 3 options to choose from for the auxiliary port: ID Check OR Secondary Effort Belt cable OR Thermistor.

    ID Check

    Chain of custody sensor. ID Check authenticates the identity of patients during home sleep studies.

    • Easy-peel adhesive
    • One-step
    • Single-use
    • Tamper-proof

    Discreetly worn under clothing. Patient can engage in regular daily activities while wearing the ID Check. Easily connects to SleepView at night. SleepView with ID Check™ provides patients with a lower cost alternative to fulfill required testing.


    Measure airflow with both a cannula and thermistor. The thermistor is held in place by the cannula so it is easy for the patient to achieve the correct sensor position.

    Second Effort Belt

    Connect a second RIP effort belt using an interface cable. A SUM channel is available using the web portal software.


    Sleep Device TypeType III and Type IV
    Channel Count8
    Dimensions3″ x 2.6″ x 0.7″
    Weight2 oz.
    Power1 AAA battery (powers 1 sleep study)
    Memory1 GB internal memory (multiple-night recording)
    8 channels
    • Heart rate
    • Pulse oximetry
    • Respiratory airflow (compatible with CPAP)
    • RIP respiratory effort belt
    • Snore
    • Body position
    • Auxiliary (Second RIP respiratory effort, Thermal airflow, or IDcheck)
    • Integrated Actigraphy (Total Sleep Time)

    SleepView Starter Kit Contents

    • SleepView Monitor

    • USB Data Cable

    • Pulse Oximetry Sensor

    • Quick Start Guide

    • SleepView Manager Software

    • Unlimited access to cloud software