SleepView Direct Brochure

Home Sleep Testing With No Up-Front Cost

SleepViewSM Direct mail order home sleep testing service allows your practice or clinic to offer home sleep testing with no upfront cost and minimal time from your office staff.

SleepViewSM Direct Includes:

  • Preparation of kit for every patient, including accessories
  • Shipping and handling
  • Patient phone support
  • Sleep studies scored by our registered sleep technologists
  • Network of board certified sleep specialists licensed in your state, available to provide interpretation
  • Electronically signed report with treatment recommendations
  • Option to select your own technologist or sleep specialist

SleepView® Monitor is the smallest, lightest home sleep monitor utilizing established sleep lab AASM methodology.

SleepViewSM Web Portal offers prescribing physicians secure, HIPAA compliant, online access to patients’ sleep test raw data, scoring by registered polysomnographic technologists, and professional interpretation with treatment recommendations by board-certified sleep physicians.