Your HSAT Program Expanded

HSAT Fulfillment Service Designed Specifically for sleep centers and sleep providers

SleepViewSM Direct HSAT allows your sleep center to add a mail-order service directly to your patients with minimal time from your staff.

Benefits of SleepViewSM Direct

  • Quickly grow and adapt your lab
  • Reach patients outside your local area
  • Increase revenue without adding resources
  • Kit customization and co-branding available
  • High test success rate
  • Monitor follows AASM recommendations
  • Smallest & lightest monitor for simple home use
  • Select your own sleep physician or technologist (network of sleep specialists available, if needed)

“Sleep specialists are now able to not only better compete in their own markets but expand their reach like never before.”

– Dr. Tim Kowalski CleveMed Medical Director

SleepViewSM  Direct Includes

Small & Lightweight Sleepview
Customizable Kit Prep
Shipping & Handling
Patient Support
Customizable Reports
Manual Scoring (Optional)

Available in the Gold Plan

The Workflow

Healthcare provider determines HST patient eligibility. If eligible, provider describes the home test to the patient and sends fulfillment order to CleveMed.

CleveMed schedules test with patient, describes sensor placement on phone, and mails a SleepView direct kit to the patient’s home. The patient can call CleveMed’s support phone number for assistance 24/7.

After a good study is completed, the patient mails the SleepView Direct kit to CleveMed for data download. CleveMed reviews recordings to ensure a good study is available. Email notification is sent to sleep center’s specialists when the study is available for scoring and interpretation (manual scoring by CleveMed’s RPSGT’s is available). Co-branding and workflow customization for large volume organizations is available.

Your sleep specialists score and interpret the study.

Pricing Plans

Bundled Study
Pricing Includes
SleepViewSM Monitor✔✔
Web Portal✔✔
Disposable Accessories✔✔
Shipping/ Handling✔✔
Patient Phone Support✔✔
Manual Scoring by RPSGT✔

Minimum System Requirements for Web Portal Software

Microsoft® Windows® 8.1, 10, or newer
2.4 GHz processor
1 GB of RAM
2 GB available hard disk space
USB port
Google Chrome™ (See Web Portal for the complete list of supported web browsers)