Sleep Care online Launches Comprehensive Telemedicine Sleep Service

Jul 2, 2019

Sleep Care Online combines the convenience of telemedicine and home sleep apnea testing with the expertise of board-certified physicians, expert therapy providers, and sleep coaches to eliminate all the pain points of traditional lab testing.


Agile Medical, parent company of The CPAP Shop and The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop, in partnership with Welltrinsic, a network of board-certified sleep medicine physicians, and CleveMed, a leading home sleep apnea testing company, announces the launch of a new comprehensive sleep care service designed for patients with sleep disorders in the private pay market. Sleep Care online will enable patients to use an online telemedicine portal to connect with board-certified sleep medicine physicians at a patient-preferred time. Services include one-on-one sleep evaluations, home sleep apnea testing, post-testing analysis, access to sleep therapy equipment and sleep coaching, and additional long-term care if required.

“A recent study estimated that 170 million people in North and South America suffer from sleep disorders. Agile Medical has collaborated with top companies in their respective spaces to meet the demands of an area ready for innovation. Sleep Care online is the natural progression of effective sleep management. We combine the convenience of telemedicine and home sleep apnea testing with the expertise of board-certified physicians, expert therapy providers, and sleep coaches to eliminate all the pain points of traditional lab testing,” said Anthony Zadnik, CEO of Agile Medical.


How Does It Work?

Through our innovative, online platform, patients schedule their virtual appointment with a board-certified sleep physician at a time that works for their schedule. Each physician is licensed in the patient’s state as required by state licensing laws. If at risk for sleep apnea, patients will complete a home sleep apnea test in the comfort of their own bed and, once returned, schedule another telemed appointment with their physician to analyze the test results. If a positive diagnosis is returned, the patient will receive a prescription, personalized therapy equipment recommendations, and access to a sleep coach to help acclimate to sleep therapy.

“Our consumer-driven approach and a focus on follow-up care and coaching will enable the busy executive, the parent juggling schedules, and the resident without access to specialized care an opportunity to be conveniently and affordably tested, diagnosed, and cared for,” said Zadnik.


Who Is It For?

Sleep Care online is for anybody who struggles with sleep issues and needs to see a specialist but prefers the convenience, affordability, or privacy of telemedicine. The goal of Sleep Care online is to enable the patient to make knowledgeable, educated decisions concerning their own health care.

In some instances, access to care may be limited by the availability of sleep specialists, geography, difficulty getting to see a physician or simply a preference not to have an in-office visit. The state-of-the-art telemedicine platform of Sleep Care online will accommodate for these situations—allowing experts to guide patients through each stage of sleep care in the comfort of their own home or on the go. Sleep Care online’s telemedicine platform can be accessed using either a desktop or mobile and offers better flexibility and reduces the time commitment of patients. Moreover, because it is self-pay there is no waiting for insurance approvals, no physician referrals, and no commitment other than a desire to improve your sleep and quality of life.

“Sleep disorders affect all aspects of one’s life—from decreased productivity at work to increased risk for other medical problems, such as hypertension and stroke, to simply not feeling your best. Being able to access the expertise of specialists trained to recognize and treat sleep disorders improves the patients’ chances of improving their sleep and their health. Sleep Care online allows everyone access to sleep specialist expertise, in a way that is convenient and easy to use,” said Lawrence Epstein, MD, President and CEO of the Welltrinsic Sleep Network.


What Services Are Offered?

Sleep Care online’s initial patient focus will be on testing and evaluation for obstructive sleep apnea through the use of a SleepView, the smallest and lightest sleep testing monitor that meets AASM guidelines. Sleep Care online will initially launch in Ohio and will be available nationwide shortly thereafter.

The service will later expand to address those patients needing evaluation and management of any of the over 70 recognized sleep disorders, including insomnia, positional sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy and circadian rhythm disorders.

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About Sleep Care online
Sleep Care online is a collaboration of the Welltrinsic Sleep Network, a national network of board-certified sleep medicine physicians, and Agile Medical, a national online provider of PAP therapy services. Sleep Care online provides access to high-quality specialty sleep care with the goal to improve patient health and well-being with the greatest satisfaction.

About Agile Medical, LLC
Agile Medical is a family-owned business in operation since 2004. Through The CPAP Shop, The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop, and now the launch of Sleep Care online, our mission is to provide solutions and meet the needs of people who require sleep and respiratory equipment and service to improve their quality of life.

About Welltrinsic
Welltrinisic, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, is a national network of board-certified sleep physicians and accredited centers designed to deliver high-quality, integrated care for people with a sleep disorders.

About CleveMed
CleveMed is a home sleep apnea monitors manufacturer and logistical solutions provider. Our goal is to improve access to sleep apnea care through easy-to-use technologies, cloud-based management software, and mail order services to facilitate sleep apnea monitoring directly from the patient’s home.