This product is no longer available.

Sapphire PSG Brochure

What is Sapphire PSG?

Wireless polysomnography with Sapphire PSG is a complete 22-channel sleep system with state-of-the-art wireless hardware and Crystal PSG software for managing patient data, acquisition, scoring and reporting.

Why your sleep facility should consider Sapphire PSG:

  • Flexible Package

    Wireless Type I PSG system for attended,
    remotely attended and unattended sleep studies.

  • Wireless and Portable

    Integrated headbox, amplifiers, transducers, and
    data telemetry into one hand-held unit.
    Entire sleep system fits in a compact carrying case.

  • Easy Installation

    Set-up new sleep facility or expansion within the hour,
    no need for expensively hard-wiring with cables.

  • Untethered Sleep Monitoring

    Wireless monitoring enhances patient comfort and mobitlity.

  • Multi-Purpose Facility

    Entire sleep system is easily stored away when not in use,
    so your night-time sleep lab can also be a daytime clinic.

  • Perfect Fit for Sleep Research Needs

    Cost-effectively meets all sleep research protocols.
    Portable, so clinical studies can be conducted anywhere.

  • Scoring and Reporting Software

    View and score raw data using full PSG capable software.
    Customizable reporting, easy patient record management.