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Patient Identity Verification during Home Sleep Testing

Sleep Apnea related collisions estimated at 810,000 and 1,400 fatalities annually

Journal of Sleep and Sleep Disorders Research

Can you tell that he’s wearing IDcheck™ for tonight’s Home Sleep Study?

  • Discreetly worn under clothing
  • Patient can engage in regular daily activities while wearing the IDcheck™
  • Easily connects to SleepView® at night
  • SleepView® with IDcheck™ provides patients with a lower cost alternative to fulfill required testing.

Did you know reliable patient chain of custody is easy to obtain with IDcheck?

  • IDcheck™ authenticates the identity of patients during home sleep studies with SleepView®
  • One-step, single-use, easy-peel adhesive
  • Tamper-proof patient identity verification

SleepView® Monitor and Web Portal

The smallest, lightest home sleep monitor meeting AASM guidelines. Our Web Portal offers secure, HIPAA compliant, online sleep study management including access to raw data; thus, streamlining the process for ordering providers, sleep technologists, and sleep physicians.