Excerpt from Sleep Review Magazine recognizing CleveMed’s SleepView Direct service, published on Mar 19, 2021.

While parceling out functions to one or more outside providers can facilitate growth, insourcing other elements of a home sleep testing workflow provides control.

CleveMed CEO Hani Kayyali doesn’t think the myriad home testing solutions will go away post-pandemic either, but he does think the post-pandemic sleep testing landscape will likely look different than what preceded it. Kayyali says, “[Obstructive sleep apnea] testing post-COVID will experience a new normal of a stronger tug-of-war between national HSAT [home sleep apnea testing] providers that want to take over the entire HSAT process, and health systems/sleep centers that want to retain patient care and revenue.

“I believe the only way for healthcare organizations to compete effectively is by adding mail-order logistics to their operations. Patient pickup of supplies from the facility may be sufficient for small HSAT volume but become quickly unmanageable for larger patient demand, which will continue for years to come.”

To respond to ballooning patient demand, CleveMed has made key updates to its business including offering volume discounts, expanding shipment flexibility that gets tracked packages faster to patients, and ramped up production of its monitor and sensor inventory…

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