Incorporating Sleep Apnea Testing Services at Worksite Clinics

Jun 20, 2016

as presented at Sleep 2016 in Denver CO, June 2016.

Home Sleep Testing can be initiated from settings other than a sleep lab including work site clinics; thus, offering more convenient options to the patient which may speed up the diagnostic and treatment process. Prior to this study, the success of HST administered by work site clinics has not been evaluated yet. The purpose of this study is to identify the feasibility of HST at work site clinics.


Clinic staff members at 8 schools and municipalities received education on HST from sleep specialists. The healthcare provider screened patients using ESS, STOP BANG, and clinical symptomology. Eligible patients were trained on sensor hookup and received a monitor (SleepView) for self-administration at home. After the night recording was completed, the monitor was mailed to CleveMed where studies were manually scored by RPSGT and interpreted by a sleep physician licensed in the state where the test occurred. With a formal diagnosis and treatment recommendations in hand, the healthcare provider at the worksite clinic reviewed the results with the patient and referred them to appropriate resources in the community follow up such as the patient’s primary care physician or local DME to quickly initiate and manage therapy or to a sleep lab in case of more complicated follow up…