CleveMed Among Leading HST Companies in Recent Sleep Review Article

Jan 19, 2024

How to Select a Home Sleep Testing Services Vendor

Want to grow your sleep business in the new year via outsourcing aspects of diagnostic testing? This checklist will help you find a third-party HST service that meets your needs.

By Sree Roy

Partnering with a third-party home sleep testing (HST) service is about more than convenience. It’s a vital decision impacting both the efficiency of sleep medicine practices and the well-being of patients. Hitendra Patel, MD, FACP, FCCP, medical director of the high-volume, multi-location Wellstar Sleep Program, sheds light on this often-overlooked aspect of sleep business management.

His experience at Wellstar reveals a dilemma that large healthcare systems face: the logistical and financial challenges of managing inventories of HST devices. For smaller practices, managing a few devices might be feasible, but for larger systems, the logistics can quickly become a nightmare. Maintaining an extensive inventory, ensuring timely returns, and handling the turnaround are just some hurdles that can overwhelm even the most organized sleep centers.