Home Direct capabilities for Healthcare Providers

SleepView Brochure

Easy sensor placement yields high rate of successful studies | Smart-Check validates study quality before returning SleepView to provider | Home-Direct services for healthcare providers: Schedule study, mail to patient home, phone support, optional manual scoring by RPSGT | Therapy efficacy monitoringExtensive physiological monitoring: Heart rate, Pulse oximetry, Airflow, RIP respiratory effort, Snore, Body position, Actigraphy, Auxiliary: Thermistor or Second belt or Chain of custody

SleepView HST Monitor

8-channel, easy-to-use system: Heart rate, Pulse oximetry, Respiratory airflow (CPAP compatible), RIP respiratory effort belt, Snore, Body position, Auxiliary (Second RIP respiratory effort, Thermal airflow, or IDcheck), Actigraphy (with web portal)


Fresh patient kit is prepared for your patients: SleepView, disposable sensors, instructions and sleep questionnaire.

Shipping & Handling

We confirm patient availability before sending out the patient kit. After the study, patients return the kit with prepaid postage using any US mailbox.


Our staff will contact the patient the evening of the test for training. Patient support is available 24 hours per day!


Studies may be scored by your lab staff or by RPSGT at CleveMed. Raw data is available for review and full manual scoring.

Certified Physicians

Board certified sleep medicine physicians that are licensed in your state are available for interpretation.

Customizable Reports

HST reports are fully customizable to meet your needs. Electronic signatures are provided for interpreting physicians.


Web portal provides remote access to study data and reports by your practice staff and physicians. HIPAA compliant storage and archival are included.

Services are only available for use with SleepView® Monitor. Some services are only available when combined with other services.