Summary of publication from Sleep Lab Magazine, Nov 2022

By Nathan Costiuc, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Figuring out how HSAT and PSG could operate together in sleep medicine has historically been viewed as a challenge, primarily due to the perceived threat that HSAT could undermine sleep lab utilization with a potential impact on clinical quality and long-term care. However, in our interviews with several HSAT manufacturers, it is clear that this stigma is being proved wrong: Hani Kayyali, the CEO of CleveMed, which manufacturers the SleepView HSAT, doesn’t even view HSAT and PSG as competitors: “CleveMed is a staunch advocate for sleep labs – we’re not looking to replace their impact, but increase it. The new world of HSAT diagnostic pathways, must continue to be owned by sleep centers; they just need additional tools to meet the  incredible demand. Sleep lab and specialty providers will always be needed to use their expertise in getting patients from diagnosis to long-term, compliant treatment.”