CleveMed’s growth mentioned in newest Sleep Review article

Jun 29, 2020

Excerpt from Sleep Review Magazine, published June/July 2020

What’s Next for Sleep Disorders Centers?

Even as the United States reopens, it’s not just exposure to COVID-19 that sleep professionals need to worry about. With sharp increases in unemployment and many facilities seeing drops in revenue, the road ahead for sleep labs is likely to look different than has been travelled before.
Businesses that offer HST logistics have been popular.

“Our focus is on figuring out what sleep centers need, and we’ve identified pain points in the logistics: mailing, keeping track of monitors and supplies, scheduling studies, just to name a few,” says Hani Kayyali, CEO of CleveMed, which offers a mail order service.

“What health systems are finding out are the financial benefits of streamlining HST offerings. Some of the health systems we work with have doubled or tripled their volume of patients with existing staff, and that’s probably one area that’s becoming more obvious since the pandemic.”