CleveMed Releases IDcheck™ For Verification Of Patient Identity During Home Sleep Testing

Jul 5, 2013

CleveMed, a leader in home sleep diagnostic technology and clinical services, today, announced the release of an upgrade to its web portal ( version 3.0). The web portal and associated SleepView® Monitor offer healthcare providers a convenient and cost-effective alternative for diagnosing sleep apnea at home rather than in a sleep lab setting. Sleep Apnea is the most common type of breathing-related sleep disorder. Home Sleep Testing (HST), which costs roughly one fourth of in-lab testing, is gaining popularity as more and more insurers move to reimburse the procedure, a trend that is expected to continue for many years to come.

CleveMed’s technology is being adopted nationwide by many market segments. In addition to offering a patient-friendly HST monitor to sleep labs, which is smaller and lighter than any other portable monitor, the web portal makes HST accessible to other healthcare providers as well. Primary care physicians, dentists, cardiologists, now have the ability to deploy HST from within their own practices, while receiving sleep study diagnosis and treatment recommendations via the web from CleveMed’s network of registered technologists and board certified sleep physicians. The upgrade announced today, touts many new features, such as giving practice staff the added flexibility to assign sleep studies to qualified sleep scorers or physicians of their own choosing, which will further strengthen local relationships and enhance continuity of patient care.

“Our overall web portal adoption is seeing double digit growth every month, from a variety of sources including sleep specialists and provider practices,” said Sarah Weimer, Director of Sleep Products at CleveMed. “Many healthcare providers want to adopt HST. They see sleep apnea patients all the time and hear of their symptoms before anyone else. These providers frequently request local sleep specialists to provide oversight, which can be easily done with our newest web portal release”.

CleveMed is a leader in web-based solutions and miniaturized wireless monitors for sleep disorders. CleveMed has developed a growing range of products including SleepView®, web portal, Sapphire™, SleepScout™, and others. CleveMed’s products allow sleep studies to be conducted at home; thus, improving access to diagnosis and delivery of sleep apnea care. CleveMed’s vision is to expand the reach of sleep services today and tomorrow. For more information, please visit (Follow us on CleveMed Blogs,twitter, youtube, LinkedIn, and facebook)

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