CleveMed Recognized in Wireless PSG Article

Mar 18, 2021

WireLESS Is More Sometimes with Polysomnography Systems

Untethering patients from sleep study equipment can be advantageous—but there are potential aspects that could trip up sleep specialists.

Excerpt from Sleep Review Magazine, published on Mar 16, 2021

Sleep lab manager Jay Hemnani, RPSGT, has had more patients ask him than he can count: “Can’t they make [sleep study equipment] wireless?” So when the equipment at sleep disorders center FusionSleep in Atlanta was reaching the end of its useful life, it didn’t take much convincing to purchase a wireless system for improved patient comfort.

CleveMed developed wireless PSG systems early, nearly two decades ago. Hani Kayyali, president and CEO of CleveMed, says the original objective was to improve equipment portability and simplify setup in a sleep center, on the hospital floor, or at home. Kayyali is happy to see stronger movement in that direction.

“We believe simplification of usage and support have a future in all applications, especially high-volume often-complicated procedures like PSG,” Kayyali says. “Being the original manufacturer of the hardware and software gives us an advantage in making and supporting demand. The other important aspect of our system is that it is totally wireless, including the audio/visual. So our software links in data from the wireless camera and intercom with the PSG data for a complete wireless setup.”

Having offered wireless PSG…