CleveMed Launches New Online Store

Feb 15, 2015

CleveMed, a leading manufacturer of cloud-based Home Sleep Testing solutions (SleepView® Monitor) announced today that it launched a new online store for its products at Driven by nearly double digit growth every month in the volume of SleepView home sleep studies, the new online store is expected to significantly facilitate the ordering process for sleep study kits and supplies.

“We are very excited about the online store. The strong demand over the past two years has outgrown our current ordering process”, said Sarah Weimer, CleveMed Director of Sleep Services and Products. “The store is currently open to existing SleepView customers for their replenishment supplies; however, we have plans to expand the store to cover our other products and services.”

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), the most prevalent form of sleep apnea, is a repeated interruption of normal breathing during sleep due to a collapse of the upper airway. It is estimated to impact as many people as asthma and diabetes; yet, up to 80 percent of the population with the disease remain undiagnosed and untreated. Moreover, OSA leads to serious health and economic consequences. Numerous studies link OSA to major chronic diseases such as stroke, heart failure, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and increased odds of serious car crash injuries.

CleveMed is a fast growing company with a wide range of monitors and web-based solutions that allow sleep disorders to be monitored in the home, including Sapphire PSG™, SleepScout™, SleepView™ and SleepViewSM Web-portal. CleveMed’s cloud-based solutions allow home sleep studies to be initiated directly from the healthcare provider’s practice, which is convenient to patients, speeds the diagnosis and treatment for providers, and reduces healthcare costs for payers. For more information, please visit (Follow us on CleveMed Blogs, twitter, youtube, LinkedIn, and facebook). SleepView is a registered trademark and a service mark, and Sapphire PSG, and SleepScout are trademarks of Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. of Cleveland, OH.