CleveMed Featured in a Recent Sleep Review Article “After Philips: Filling the Diagnostics Void”

Mar 22, 2024

With Philips Respironics discontinuing the Alice 6, Alice NightOne, and Alice PDx devices, where will sleep specialists turn for their sleep diagnostics equipment?

By Ann H. Carlson

Philips Respironics’ decision to drop popular sleep diagnostics products—including the Alice 6 in-lab sleep study equipment, the Alice NightOne home sleep study device, and the Alice PDx home sleep study device—surprised many US customers.

Although anecdotal reports of diagnostic equipment backorders, lengthy repair wait times, and part shortages meant the fate of these sleep diagnostics machines had been in flux for a while, the timing of Philips’ announcement was still unexpected, according to industry stakeholders.

“Philips remains committed to the sleep and respiratory care business, though we recognize the significant impact this has on our customers in the US,” says Mario Fante, global external relations director at Philips. “While these changes are difficult, they are necessary to help us refocus our portfolio to effectively meet the needs of our customers and their patients…We continue to offer and provide our mask and accessories portfolio products.”

Ingvar Hjalmarsson, president of sleep diagnostics maker Nox Medical, says these changes will significantly impact the field of sleep medicine. “Not only are patients suffering, but healthcare providers and the entire industry have been negatively impacted by these events. I entered the sleep space in 1999 and have seen some important developments happen, but I believe that this event is of the greatest magnitude since I entered the field,” says Hjalmarsson.