Ancillary Medical Solutions Selects SleepView For Their Home Sleep Test Offering

Oct 1, 2014

Ancillary Medical Solutions (AMS) has selected CleveMed’s SleepView to promote and endorse as its exclusive device for Home Sleep Testing. With close to 200 sales territories across the country, AMS is ideally positioned to inform and educate the medical community of the patient-centric benefits offered by SleepView.

“We are excited about our partnership with AMS as it allows us to quickly expand our coverage nationwide,” said Kirk Scovill, National Sales Director at CleveMed. “Sleep apnea awareness is increasing among healthcare providers and we look forward to working with AMS to expand our position as a diagnostic leader.” “At AMS, when we decide to add a new ancillary service to our solutions portfolio, we fully analyze and research every possible product in that sector,” explained Troy Tuttle, MS, the Chief Sales Officer. “CleveMed’s superior home sleep testing product was the clear best-in-class selection, and we are pleased that our Certified Ancillary Consultants now have direct access to this innovative technology.”

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), the most prevalent form of sleep apnea, is a repeated interruption of normal breathing during sleep due to a blockage in the upper airway. Surprisingly, OSA affects as many people as either asthma or diabetes and yet, up to 80 percent of this cohort remain both undiagnosed and untreated. The health and economic consequences of OSA should not be understated, as numerous peer-reviewed studies link OSA to significant cardiovascular issues (hypertension, heart failure, stroke) and metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes).

AMS and CleveMed agree that the goal of this partnership is to empower the primary care provider with a diagnostically powerful tool that is first, convenient for the patient and then importantly, creates an additional touch point of direct care to improve treatment outcomes.

CleveMed is a leader in portable sleep monitoring and web-based technologies. CleveMed has developed a growing range of products that address the needs of patients with sleep disorders, including Sapphire PSG™, SleepScout™, SleepView® and SleepViewSM web portal. CleveMed’s cloud-based solutions allow home sleep studies to be initiated directly from the physician’s practice, which is convenient to patients, speeds the diagnosis and treatment for providers, and reduces healthcare costs to payers. For more information, please (Follow us on Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Facebook). SleepView is a registered trademark and a service mark; and Sapphire PSG and SleepScout are trademarks of Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. of Cleveland, OH.

Ancillary Medical Solutions (AMS) is the nation’s largest and most complete provider of services in the ancillary sector. With close to twenty gold-standard service lines in its portfolio, the expertly-trained Certified Ancillary Consultants of AMS utilize the company’s proprietary Ancillary Checkup to engage healthcare providers at every level to examine which solution would be the best fit for their clinic. Consulting is provided free of charge and the partnerships that are formed with physician/mid-level providers solidly endure, as AMS will have the latest and most relevant ancillary services the industry has to offer. Learn more by taking our Ancillary Checkup and then begin your partnership by contacting Troy Tuttle, Chief Sales Officer, at