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Company Overview

We aim to improve the delivery of care and expand the reach of sleep medicine. Our web-based services and devices meet clinical guidelines for sleep apnea testing, are 100% for patients to use, streamline operations for healthcare providers, and offer cost-efficient solutions for payers.

Our Mission

To lead the world in maximizing clinical quality and patient access to sleep disorders testing. We do that through innovative technologies and services.

About Us

CleveMed’s Corporate Office

4415 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44103


877.CleveMed (877.253.8363)



Over 32 million patients suspected of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) remain undiagnosed and untreated. Patients with untreated OSA are at significantly higher risk for developing hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and sudden death. The financial cost impact is also staggering, with an estimated direct annual cost for OSA at $16 billion. Therefore, sleep disorders in general and OSA in specific present a serious national healthcare concern.

Services / Equipment

Our portable sleep monitors are Sapphire, SleepScout, and SleepView. The monitors offer healthcare providers a wide range of sleep testing capabilities from home monitoring to in-lab evaluation, while maintaining unparalleled portability. Our fulfillment services include monitor mailing capabilities to patients’ homes, which allow sleep physicians to expand their reach to distant patients without adding resources or capital expenditures. The Web Portal (CleveMedSleepView.com) offers secured online data management; thus, streamlining the workflow for clinics. The breadth of our offerings provides physicians flexibility in selecting the solution that best suits their needs for a more cost-effective and improved delivery of care.

IP Status

CleveMed has built a large and significant portfolio of patents (over 20 issued and another 27 pending US and foreign). Patents cover technologies not only for initial sleep apnea diagnosis but for follow-up and therapy procedures and applications, which are becoming more important for many healthcare initiatives that focus on outcome based management of chronic diseases.

CleveMed’s Management Team

Meet the experienced individuals who make CleveMed’s management team, with extensive expertise in engineering, business, sales and clinical sleep diagnostics.

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CleveMed’s Medical Advisory Council

CleveMed’s medical advisory council brings significant experience and guidance in some of the high growth home sleep testing markets like primary care practices, nurse practitioners practices, corporate wellness, retail clinics, ENT in addition to sleep labs.

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CleveMed’s Certifications

CleveMed’s Quality Management System is certified to the requirements of ISO 13485. CleveMed’s Information Management System including information and systems for Sleep Testing Services is certified to the requirements of ISO 27001. These certifications demonstrate CleveMed’s commitment to design, manufacture and market products that consistently meet our customer requirements as well as comply with national and international government regulations. 

CleveMed Sleep Services are accredited by Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). 

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