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CleveMed is leading the future in medical services and devices for portable sleep testing. From monitors for home sleep testing to full PSG, we aim to improve the delivery of care. Our web-based services and devices meet AASM guidelines for sleep apnea testing, are easy for patients to use, streamline operations for healthcare providers, and offer-cost efficient solutions for payers.

Providers feel the at-home sleep studies are very convenient for the patient. It is easy for the medical assistant to use. The patient likes to be able to sleep in their own bed, and they feel the SleepView (home sleep monitor) is easy to use.
Rodney E. Orr, MD, Family Medical Group of Silverton

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Home Sleep Testing with SleepView?
Home sleep study reimbursement information & ICD-9 codes, patient questionnaires, screening tools, and more.

What is Home Sleep Testing?
Learn about home sleep testing for sleep apnea diagnosis, with resources for healthcare providers, coding & reimbursement, etc.

White Paper: Preliminary Experience of Home Sleep Testing in Primary Care Settings
Home Sleep Testing is expected to improve access to sleep diagnosis by enabling initial testing from more accessible locations like PCP offices.

CMS & AASM Definitions for Type I, Type II, Type III Sleep Testing
Learn definitions of the types of sleep studies devices according to CMS and AASM.

Choosing the right home sleep apnea test monitor for your practice?
There are a number of portable monitors that can be used in HST (as a baseline evaluation, or to evaluate the efficacy of OSA treatment whether it is OA, CPAP, or others). Select the right HST monitor from all the available options.

SleepView Monitor + Web Portal

Type III, 8-Channels

SleepView Monitor

SleepView is the smallest and lightest home sleep monitor with AASM recommended guidelines. The 8 – channel SleepView is ergonomically designed for patients to perform an easy self sleep test at home.

SleepView Direct

Mail order Home Sleep Testing

SleepView Direct

Your practice can conveniently and cost-effectively reach new patients, and add your sleep services to satellite sites such as pre-surgical departments and onsite employee clinics at large corporations.


Type III, 9 - Channels


A wireless Type III portable sleep monitor for untethered sleep studies to assess sleep-disordered breathing and periodic leg movements. With 9 input channels, SleepScout surpasses AASM guidelines for Type III testing.

Sapphire PSG

Type I, 22 - Channels

Sapphire PSG

Complete 22-channel sleep system with state-of-the-art wireless hardware and Crystal PSG software for managing patient data, acquisition, scoring and reporting.