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CleveMed (Cleveland Medical Devices Inc.) is leading the way in services & devices for portable sleep disorders testing. From monitors for home sleep apnea testing (SleepView® and SleepScout™), to systems for in-lab evaluation (Sapphire PSG™), to fulfillment services directly to patients’ homes (SleepView Direct), we aim to expand the reach of sleep medicine. The breadth of our offerings provides physicians flexibility in selecting the solution that best suits their needs for a more cost-effective and improved delivery of care.

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Home sleep study reimbursement information & ICD codes, patient questionnaires, screening tools, and more. Read More >>

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There are a number of portable monitors that can be used in HST (as a baseline evaluation, or to evaluate the efficacy of OSA treatment whether it is OA, CPAP, or others). Select the right HST monitor from all the available options. Read More >>

It is important to be informed on the coverage, contracting, coding and reimbursement requirements of payors when considering offering home sleep testing within your practice. As payor policies are constantly evolving with respect to home sleep testing, here’s a guide to help you navigate the key issues with your payor set. Read More >>

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